Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIW- sometimes I even surprise myself.

Who is this girl of "all things in moderation" that has taken over my brain?

It is amazing.
She is amazing.

Cuz y'all know that I usually going Mach 90 towards being the healthiest person alive.


Mach 90 towards a food spiral, that includes lots and lots of sugar and lazy lethargic workouts.

Though I have to say, Crossfit has kept the workouts pretty legit.

So here are the numbers.

Start weight: 277
Last weeks weight: 180.4
This weeks weight: 177.8

Loss for the week: 2.6

Total loss: 99.2

I'll be rocking that minus 100 again by next Wednesday- Girl of moderation willing.

I am learning to be kind to myself and my body as I gain muscle and discard fat and inches. It isn't always easy after all this time being addicted to the scale, but I am getting better.

I am 10 pounds heavier than I was this time last year, or close to it, but I know that I am healthier and a heck of a lot stronger!


  1. WOOT! I like this Moderation Mistress!! :)

  2. Woot woot! I'm like you... all the way, one way or another. Hopefully I find this moderation thing soon!

  3. Badass!!! Keep it up girl!!! That's a great loss!!!!

  4. awesome job! you are doing so great.
    I may have to try out this whole "moderation" theroy... seems to be all the :)

  5. Great job!!!! I'm so proud of your cross fit obsession! You are inspiring!

  6. You are the bomb! Women of moderation rule!