Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIW- and a whack "fat people are less" article.

Starting weight: 277
Last week: 181.0
This week:178.2
Loss of: 2.8

bow-chica-wow-wow! I have finally found my groove again!

Have you seen this whack  article claiming to quote the CEO of Ambercrombie and Fitch?

Go read it.

I realize it is all kinda "second hand quotes."

Anyone know if this is true?

I don't think I have ever tried to wear anything from Ambercrombie and Fitch.

Do they really not carry XL?



  1. I hope it's not true. Idiots. Congrats on your loss.

  2. Congrats on the loss! I read that article this morning and literally felt sick! x

  3. Great loss! I HATE places that carry giant men's sizes, but don't go over a 14 or 16 in women's. And it sounds like Abercrombie is even worse than that. I never had much desire to shop there (when I walk past it at the mall, the music is SO loud, and it seems to reek of cologne. When did I get so old?). But I've now sworn that even when I can fit into their clothes, they won't be getting a cent from me.

  4. Okay that IS just awful. But I had a HUGE chuckle at the end of the article what it said about Mike Jeffries...I googled him and just laughed.

  5. Whoop- In the 170's- great job.
    going to read that article now and get annoyed ;-)

  6. Me again- read the article. Did you look at a picture of Mike Jefferies??? Really?
    When I am at the beach at the outlet stores Mike likes to go to Calvin Klein. I refuse to enter the store anymore. The largest women's size I have ever found in the past was size 8. I say screw you- even when I can wear an 8, I will still never buy your clothing.

  7. That article is recycling the real article, which was published in in 2006. I am a firm believer in you have to evaluate the source, and this guy has some serious issues about looks and seems to be addicted to really bad plastic surgery.

    Read the Salon article. It's available online too.

  8. I read both the elite article and the original salon article and kinda feel like punching that dude in his gigantic, stupid mutant-Gary Busey face. I've never really been that attracted to A&F's clothes...since so many people wear them, they have pretty much zero character and you can find yourself wearing the same thing as half the other people in the room. So okay, I was probably never gonna be a loyal customer anyway, even when I did get to a point where I could fit in their clothes. But now...yeah, no way in hell am I ever shopping there.

  9. Great loss! So happy you are back on track! I will go read the article now :)

  10. It is true that they don't carry XL...I only know because I went in there a couple of years ago to buy something my niece wanted. All of the clothes are tiny (my niece is a size 3).

  11. Great Loss! You are such a bad ass! Thanks for keeping me tethered to sanity when I am falling deep in a bad place! I'm back too - and going strong!