Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dragon Butt... TTT

1. This girl has seriously got to rearrange some things in her life.
This is how my week goes.
Monday-Friday I teach 8-4. (Really I get there at 7 and stay until at least 4, usually longer.)
        *My niece goes to the school I'm teaching at and because it isn't her neighborhood school we are in charge of transportation, which I love, but it takes extra time every night to run her home...

Monday night from 5-10 I work as a clerk at a motel.
Tuesday nights I don't have anything "formal" planned, but life just happens. (This Tuesday I had dinner with a friend at 5 and then tried on bridesmaid dresses at 7.)
Wednesday's I have church meetings.
Thursday's I work at the motel again, 5-10.
Friday nights I usually don't have planned... but at this point the only thing I want to do is sit on my butt.
Saturday's I work on the ranch.
Sunday's I devote to church meetings and trying to recharge my batteries.

2. The way I have my life set up right now I am seriously NO FUN! I also make excuses about exercise. I have got to fix it. Somehow.

3. Most ironic part? I can live on my salary without any of the extra money. I just don't. I like to put money in savings. I like to pay double car payments. Make home improvements. Whatever.
Really, I'm not willing to compromise my new found health and my continued health for a little extra money. I'm committing to exercising 5x's a week. NO EXCUSES. Remember this girl: Excuses?

4. Why is ice cream so good?

5. I think I may need a smidgen added to my band.

6.  Seriously need to work on the leg weights so that I can rock the cute bridesmaid dresses.

7. I get to buy new Cowboy boots for the dress. SO EXCITED. I think I found them.

8. I'm moving cows this weekend. Including tomorrow. I know, I know, more work... but really I love it and it will be a happy exhausted:)

9. Anyone else think it is terrible that I am 25 and really don't have a social life. Beyond the crazy schedule, I really just don't like the type of superficial relationships that come from the social scene. I'm just no good at it.

10. Something I've always tried to deny, and get over, that I have finally come to terms with? I don't like to watch movies. Especially in the theatre. Really nowhere though. If I am at home I have to have something else going on too.

10a. I just decided someone should marry me for my work ethic and sense of humor. :)


  1. 10a ~ damn right! I was super busy at 25 and did nothing but work all the time...I'm still that way these days...even missed a work out today because of work...but sometimes I gotta pay the bills

  2. Lorie, if I were a guy and could live up to your awesomeness, I'd marry you!

  3. You know, I told a friend just last weekend that I really just don't like watching movies, either. Whenever we talk about going out, she wants to go to a movie. It is a very dull way to spend the evening for me, too. Bah.

  4. LOVE 10a especially!!! You are amazing!