Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weigh in

Man, I'm embarassed to post this (but I have always been honest in my weekly updates). Here it goes anyway...

Start weight: 277
This week: 172.4
Last week: 167.5

GAIN: 4.9 pounds. Down 2 pounds from yesterday.

Good news, I know how to get it off.

I'm going to get to the 150's. Yep, the 150's.

This is how:
I joined a "get healthy challenge." It starts today. There is money involved. It already beat my butt out of bed and to the gym this morning, so this just may work.
The get healthy challenge "report date" is conviently on Wednesday's. Isn't that nice? I thought so.
This is how it works, you get some points awarded daily for the following activities:
5 fruits/veggies- 2 pts.
No eating after 9- 1 pt.
48 ounces of water- 2 pts
No sweets- 4 pts. 1 sweet- 2 pts.
30 min exercise-5 points
Encourage another player- 1 pt
Read spiritually uplifting material- 15 min/daily 5pts
Daily prayer- 5 pts
(You can only count each of these 6 times in one week. Essentially giving you a 'free' day, but you don't have to take everything off in the same day.)

Then there are weekly points:
10 points per pound lost
maintain weight- 5 pts
gain weight -10 points per pound
Healthy BMI- 5 points
FHE- 10 pts
Attending church- 10points
Then there will be a weekly challenge worth addtional points.

Other news. My brother and his beautiful bride-to-be have moved the wedding date to December 13th. I may not be at goal by then, but I'm sure as heck not going to be in the 170's.
And yes, I am aware that this day isn't about me... really at all, but I will have to be in the pictures. :)


  1. I know you can get to the 150s! I'm right there with you - time to get back to regular weekly weigh ins.

  2. I am with you sister! I am having hell getting out of the 170's. todays weight in was 171.6 So close yet my body will not give in LOL!! :) :) I havent been in the 160's since I got married 6 years ago. We can do it together!

  3. That plan looks like a great one...I like how it also gives you points for inspirational definitely has a mind-body connection!

  4. Whee! This makes a possible bridesmaids challenge that much easier, since my friends' wedding is on December 8th. We really need to figure something out, because how cool would that be? (They're asking all the pretty girls to stand up for them, obviously.)

    Don't sweat the gain too much. You're back on track and you got this!