Thursday, September 6, 2012


1. I worked out twice yesterday and drank water like it was my job.
     *weights in the morning, and a run in the afternoon.
I went to the gym this morning too, just sayin'.

2. My muscles are crazy sore.

3. I had bacon for breakfast. Bacon and cheese! Yumm.

4. Getting out of bed in the morning has never been an issue for me.... unless I'm getting up to exercise, then I think it is negotiable? WTH? So, my brother (Squishy) and I have been keeping each other accountable. It has been awesome!

5. My GREAT brother Squishy is going to get my car ready for me to go out of town tomorrow.

6. I'm going to watch my Sister compete in the third day of a horse show, (Today is the first.)

7. There is a group of us bandsters that have been at it for a year + that each feel like we have 20-30 ish pounds to finish up this journey... maybe we should put together a challenge? Or a support group? Something.

8. I keep myself crazy busy, it is my own fault. It is how I've always been and it works. But since school started I haven't been able to turn my mind off and sleep. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

9. The scale is slowly going down. I had hoped that some of the 6-7 pounds I gained in 4 days was water weight, or poop, or something, but alas, it was fat. Slowly sliding back down.

10. My lowest weight in, well, longer than I can remember (I remember very clearly putting my real weight on my drivers license, much to my mothers surprise and it was 190.)  So adulthood. Was 162, this summer. I'll get back there, then blow past it. I'm heading the the 150's who wants to go with me?


  1. um! I want to go to the 150s and beyond! Yes - what tha hell with these last 20 - I think we should do an end of the year push - there are 116 days left of the year - how cool would it be to all do a goal dance for the new year? Have fun at the horse show! Im drinking water like its my job too!

  2. Bacon and I always have a hard time turning my mind off for sleep during the first few weeks of school too.

  3. I want to join you in the 150's :) I have been using you as motivation to work out everyday since I know you go to the gym every morning!! I am starting to see results on my body just not really fast on the scale... I understand your frustration with that . XOXOXO :) Bestie from middle school

    1. Well lets go! And we are basically still best friends now... I just need to move to CO? Or you here! Then we could kill ourselves running together! Wouldn't that be epic. Or we could revert to Junior High and eat butterfingers everyday?