Sunday, May 6, 2012


Stella's got her groove back,
or maybe Lorie, but seriously.

I went riding bikes today (with bad-a SIL) and had a great time. When I looked at my shadow? I couldn't believe that skinny girl sitting on the bike, was me.

You see, I've forgotten, how far I've come. Last time I rode my bike? I weighed 230 pounds (September 2011) ! Yepper, and let me tell you what a difference it has made.

Now the truth is, I haven't been making the best food choices ALL OF THE TIME, but I've not gained any weight, I've stayed active, and kept portions under control. I haven't gone back to the way I was.

I have finally identified what was holding weighing me down. I've spent every day the last 3 weeks telling myself that I wasn't good enough, that I wouldn't and couldn't be as good as everyone else. Well guess what? I only need to beat myself, I only need to do better than I've been doing.

Without a "new fangled point system" without "a I've gotta run as fast as so and so." No "I shouldn't haves, could haves, and maybe so's."

I'M BACK to doing what I've been doing, what I've done to the last 11 months. What I've done to lose 104.8 pounds.

What I will do to lose 27 more pounds.

Kickin' my own ass, not because I want to be as good as someone else, not to be as fast, or lose as much. Just to beat me.

This is a race against me, against where I was, against pushing my own limitations. BEATING LORIE.
There is no finish line.

Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish, which trumps Did Not Start.~ Anonymous 


  1. This is a great way to see it! You ARE changed! You ARE better! So keep it up!

  2. You are sooo worth it! I am glad you are able to recognize that.

    I have always been inspired by your ability to kick ass and lose weight. I am glad you have your groove back.

  3. Yay! :) Sounds like you've found your focus again.

  4. I love it! It is so good to read posts like this!