Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 TT

1. I like cows more than I like humans some  most days... seriously, at least a person usually knows they are going to try and put you to the ground, knock the air out of you...

2. It is REALLY stupid to not like someone just because they have a disability. In whos world does that make sense? I don't expect you to like them just because they do, but I do expect you to give them a chance and not be stupid. For real.

3. I don't wear matching socks. Drives some of my students crazy. It is hilarious. I sometimes wear matching socks on Friday's and you can tell that it just balances out their world.

4. I am OBSESSED with new workout clothes. Just bought my first pair of cycling shorts, how official is that?

5. Lap Band Gal is saving me a seat on her snazzy bench. I'll be there, soon! Can't wait to party with all you ladies. (In m-land)

6. I have a serious crush on Dr. Reid... Criminal Minds :)

7. I buy the same type of razor that my Dad does, then I become a nija, sneak in his house in the middle of the night, and steal a package of the replacement blades he buys in bulk.

8. My head hunger today is OUT OF CONTROL!

9. All I've wanted to do the last 30 days is buy new clothes, not good on the budget.

10. I'm starting to feel not skinny, but average sized. Being overweight is kinda rad. Maybe that is why I've had a harder time focusing on the scale going down? Thoughts ladies?


  1. #1 - Hell yeah! - Thats how I feel about all animals!
    #3 - I never match my socks and most of the time the ones I do wear have holes in them - kinda awkward when I have to take my shoes off to show a house - but hey - either you get me or you don't #baller
    #10 - totally true - it had taken me 4 months to settle in to this new body and now get over this hump and head for LBG's bench. Also the scale is boring when the #s lost are minimal every week! I'd like to get to the place where I don't need the scale and can use skinny jeans to judge my weight! - sorry this is kinda an essay..

  2. I love the your ninja razor idea! They are so frigging expensive, it's crazy! Except my dad has a full beard and doesn't shave....hmmm...I'll be on the look out for who I can Ninja.

    I also love animals more than people, everyday! They don't judge me.

  3. Maybe I should start using my dad's razors, too... hmm!