Friday, August 31, 2012

Cookies for breakfast

What does it say about your day when you start it with cookies for breakfast?

Not the Greek yogurt and granola I had packed.

Not 1 cookie, 3.

And I skipped the gym.

Somedays I'm just no good at this healthy living thing.

You know something else I'm not good at? Not just saying "bag it" and eating whatever I want the rest of the day, just because I made a poor food choice.

I really should find AA for eaters.... wonder if they serve refreshments at the meetings?


  1. Ummm, I just walked in to work and there was a plate of candy bars on the table.
    yup, couldn't pass that up for my breakfast.

  2. We had inservice today. I wish I had taken a pic of all the food that was there for breakfast...doughnuts, 3 different kinds of hasbrown casserole, huge apple fritters, sausage balls, any kind of bagel you could think of, all kinds of cream cheese, three different kinds of quiche, and two tons of various juices. Needless to choices for breakfast were not the best today. And then my coworkers wanted to go out for lunch just 3 hours later!

  3. well not to point out the obvious but cookies really are a form of oatmeal / cereal/ type of breakfast....are you buying that???

    Ok, maybe not. You ate 3 cookies but you DIDN"T ruin the entire day so that says something. Just get back to it. I am sure we can blame the momentary lapse in good judgement on the stress brought on from the crazy teenagers at work!

  4. Work can be such a diet killer

  5. Overeaters Anonymous is a real thing... dunno about AA for eaters, though. Is overeating our problem anymore?

    I feel ya, when you're surrounded by crap at work it's hard to be good! :((