Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weekly weigh... what?

How long has it been? I'm not going to even look. I don't remember what my last posted weight is... I'm not even going to look.

Already today I've had 40 ounces of water, and i'm chowing down on Yoplait Greek Yogurt. Only 100 calories and 10g protien. With some "touch of honey granola." It is scrupmtious.

Today is the first day for students to be back at school. I've been up since 3, eek. Wonder why I still get so nervous?


Todays weight: 170.5
Start wegiht: 277

Total loss: 106.5

I'm excited to be back to school. First because I love the students. Second, because I'm already back on schedule and eating better. No more ice cream brunches!

Have a good one ladies.


  1. And you look fabulous...and I really loved your shirt yesterday...and I am SO glad that Kayler gets to be in your presence at school!! Your the best :)

  2. Well done on that water girl-friend!!! :)

  3. Hope your day was fabulous! Great job getting back on track.

  4. Good luck going back to school! - back on track for all if us!