Monday, August 27, 2012

What does "full" feel like?

451 days after I had lap-band surgery (+/- 30 days).

 What it feels like, for me, to be full.
         When I am too tight, the food stays in the pouch for long periods of time. Sometimes making it      impossible to drink water even hours later. This is no good. It doesn't increase weight loss, it increases bad eating behaviors (i.e. searching out slider foods.) There is pain associated with eating, and I stay full for hours after I eat "normal" food. During this phase I DO NOT TOUCH BREAD, pasta or meat. I am really careful with salad, and even soft foods. Not pretty. (During this phase, my band and I are constantly butting heads.)
         When I am too loose I can eat mindlessly. I don't have to concentrate on chewing, and I am hungry within 1-2 hours after. I frequently want dessert, and seconds. I can eat bread without reserve, and pretty much everything else. (During this phase I ask myself "why isn't this working? Why does it just feel like I'm dieting again?" "I'm not sure I can do this.")
         When I am just right (which I have only discovered recently) I can eat what everyone else is eating, just in much smaller portions. I don't have foods/ food groups that I just completely avoid. I can eat all foods in moderations. I get full on 1 cup of food, plus or minus a little. If I am careful while I'm chewing, then I don't have problems. I can't eat mindlessly, because this leads to trouble.

During every fill level, I have to make wise, healthy food choices. The band does not, at any of these levels, prevent me from eating chocolate, ice cream, or from drinking more calories than I will burn in a day. It also doesn't do the exercise for me... which, if you haven't figured out yet, is a key to weight loss, even if you have the lap-band.

This is a learning process, and sometimes is it is painful, but what a great process!


  1. Nice post! And a good reminder to everyone.

  2. I am glad you recently found your green zone. I look forward to finding mine soon!!