Friday, August 24, 2012

10 things Thursday, or is it Friday?

I'm doing 10 things, because I don't think I can organize a "real" post.

1. Last night I had a pity party, not about weight loss (surprisingly).

2. I think #1 had to do with being emotionally and physically exahusted. Being an awesome teacher is hard stinking work.

3. At 11:30 last night my brother text and said we were going to the gym this morning.

4. At 5:00 this morning I text and told him I was too tired to go, I slept like crap.

5. He text back and said "30 more minutes of sleep isn't going to make you feel any better." Aint that the truth? Dang I hate when he is right. So I went, I felt alright.

6. I got all the way to school today (6:45) and realized I had forgot my yogurt and granola. Don't worry, I turned around and drove my happy butt home. It was yumm-o!

7. The scale was very kind to me this morning. I'm going to keep on keeping on.

8. I want to go on a horse ride tonight, or tomorrow. I will make this happen.

9. My insurance pays you for lowering your BMI... or so they say. I lowered mine 13 points last year. They are "supposed" to pay you $50 dollars everytime it goes down 5 points. This is the email I just recieved:
"The Weight Loss rebate in the amount of $100.00 was denied because: Amount exceeds the maximum allowed for this rebate." What bull is that?  I think "bull & shit" are the words I'm looking for. Oh, well what is a girl to do?

10. Do you ever realize that you blamed being fat for a lot of things it really had nothing to do with? Then as you become "average" size (or whatever) it hits you like a ton of bricks? Maybe that had something to do with last night too? *I really want answers to this one.*


  1. #10 ~ Um yes!!! I used to blame my fat for my failures and for my relationship problems....apparently it had nothing to do with it....once you realize that the fat was just an excuse and move on you will feel better!

  2. I think it's pretty common for folks to blame their fat for things and then not know what to do when they lose the weight. I had low self esteem and figured it was because I was ashamed of my size, but then I lost weight and was still hard on myself. Took a while to realize it was just me. :P

    You have to deal with your stress and exhaustion in a healthy manner, though. Your brother was on track with helping you get to the gym--in fact, exercise has been shown to lower stress! Just try to avoid getting caught in the mental trap where you eat out of stress or to deal with how overwhelming things can be.

  3. "30 more minutes of sleep isn't going to make you feel any better."


  4. I realize #10 all the time. Sigh.