Sunday, May 29, 2011

What if?

I spent the weekend with my sister! My parents are out of town (Texas) and my brothers were both on the mountain (different mountains with different groups of friends. We also went to church together, and during a testimony someone spoke to my spirit and said "I realized with was 75% committed to the church, that I had become complacent, and that I needed to renew my vigor." After church My sister and I decided that we were going to drive up the mountain and see our Older brother and his family. So we did! We had a great time (stick with me this has a point). And as we cruised down the mountainI had a thought occur to me... what if... just what if I took one year and took care of me, my physical needs... what if, I swore to take one year and not fall in love with anyone? What if I was just me? I just took care of my physical needs? Also, my spiritual needs? What if, for just 365 days I became a better Mormon, a more in shape kind of girl... That I changed my life?

So I guess when all the fluff is taken away, what I'm saying is... for 365 days from birthday number 24 to a quarter of century old (25), I'm going to take care of me. I'm vowing the following:
1. To not fall in love.
2. To commit, 100% to a healthy lifestyle
3. No tangled matters of the heart... none!
4. To grow spirtually. (This means activities, institute, and church on Sundays, visiting teaching... also full force with the calling).

Here's to putting all the energy I have wasted searching for love into Myself... into spiritual and physical growth!

Cheers~ Lorie

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