Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fat girls gotta date!

Well, I have a date tonight… yep, I said it a date. It isn’t even a date with some loser creeper; I think this is a normal one for once. But there I go counting my chickens before the eggs have hatched.
I have known him as an acquaintance for multiple years, so I’ve been out with men with a lot less of a recommendation… and he is hot! I mean good-looking cowboy (Like a young John Wayne)… yummy!
I just called him up on Sunday and asked him if he wanted to go do something this week, he said yes, I said wow, he said when, then I said how about right now. (K- I didn’t say how about right now, he actually said how about Wednesday but heck, Hollywood can’t get everything right.)
I am actually so excited/ anxious about this one that I have almost made myself sick. I have to keep telling myself “he puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.” It isn’t necessarily working.
Man I hope I don’t screw this up to much… I know that I am a lot to take and that I really have to watch what I say until someone gets to know me. I’m gonna do this, and I’m not going to SUCK at this.

I'll have to write later about one of my students and the convorsation her and I had as she "prepped me for this date!" So funny!

Well- I'm covered in all sorts of farm paraphernalia so I'm off to shower and hopefully become "plus size" presentable... which i'm assuming is much more difficult then "regular size" presentable.

Miss Lorie

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