Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ode to Pepsi

The last supper was much like you would expect it to have been... or maybe not, since you don't know me! but here is how it went down!
Bacon Cheeseburger
French Fries
Chocolate cake
MY LAST PEPSI EVER! Yep, I said goodbye to my long time friend and comforter! It was weird as I sucked icy goodness through that straw to think that it was the last PEPSI I would ever drink! I'm afraid of who will be there for me?! (Lines like that is exactly why this blog is private).

So, it was adios! Without even a by-your-leave, or a false promise of "i'll text or call." This was goodbye for real, the best kind of breakup! What I'm loving about the gastric band so far (even though i don't have it yet) is that I can't do something's. The choice isn't left up to me... i just can't do "that" thing that has been hurting me so much!

~Because today life isn't beginning, but it is starting to kick some butt!


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