Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great date! :D

Last night was AWESOME! I'm going to tell you this entire story!

This is the story... and if you are someone that doesn't want to hear the nitty-gritty details of a story, then you should probably stop now.
He called at 6:50 (yes I know the time) to make sure that 7:30 was ok, and to tell me that he was probably going to be a little bit late. I was glad that he would be late, because I was running late. He also wanted to know; "just there at your house?" Didn't say "wanna meet somewhere, or what is the plan" just "I'll be at your house. He came to the door, immediately apologized for being late.. the whole she-bang! Opened truck door, asked me where I want to go to dinner... I did that thing I do when I panic about "making the choice" so he pulled a special ed move on me (which he wasn't aware of) and gave me choices! AWESOMENESS! :) Then we went to Don Pedro's (one truck in the parking lot) walk in, and he knows the driver of said truck. So he visits and I sit down. He automatically apologizes for talking, and then explains that him and that guy had a disagreement (which he hung up on him for) and so they were just chatting. (I think he was just trying to smooth things over with that guy, and make sure there were no hard feelings, you know, business man stuff. It wasn't more then a few minutes, that he was visiting.)
Then we had dinner, and we visited about everything... horses, religion, people we know, cows, special ed stuff, family... An entire compilation of topics.
Then towards the end, I said; "shoulda wore my muck boots, I'm cold." He said "gosh, i'm sorry that you are cold. I wish you would've told me. You've been cold the entire time?" So we left, because I was cold! What? A gentleman? Where did this come from.
We got to my house. Walks me to the door (yep, walks me to the door) tells me how great of a time he had, thanks for inviting me... YIPPEEE! Then, I show him my process of getting into the house with my car lights; asks if I have a light bulb... he gets on a chair and proceeds to change the bulb, which didn't go as easily as planned... we laughed... It was perfect. I'm telling you (whoever you are, since my blog is private and really only for me at this point) that I have never been on a date like that ever. Will he call again? I don't know. Do we have plans to go out again? No, not at this point. Did he enjoy himself? I'd say yes, was it a connection for him? I don't have a clue. A girl can hope, but if nothing else... WE went out, we dined, we had fun, I enjoyed myself:) And I'd love to do it again... so here is to praying he calls.

Because I have to believe... I refuse to not believe!

Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.
~ by Anonymous ~

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