Friday, May 6, 2011

Dating advice from the current Queen of Miss Lorie's room

So, I told one of my students that I had a date and she was so excited. She frequently tells me that she is worried that I don't have a man and that she doesn't know what to do with me! I don't think women In her family live with out getting married.
She was very diplomatic about her attempt to impart her wisdom on me. First she said make sure I wear a dress "men love that." then she is working on her math for a few minutes and she says; "it wouldn't hurt if you did your makeup." and her last piece of advice was that I wear perfume, "men love it when a woman smells good." I think this girl has been schooled in the art of dating and romance! She told it to me straight!
The morning after the date she comes running up to me and asks me how it was. I told her that it was wonderful, that we had a really good time. Then the questions start again, as you can imagine and she asks me..... I KID you'd not; "did you stay the night" I'm sure the look on my face was priceless but I did get gather up enough dignity to exclaim NO! Then she smiles that smile of hers and says; "did you at least kiss?"I once again stated no. Then she looks me dead in the face And says , like a veteran investigator, "what else is there to do then?.... I guess the idea of dinner and chatting was no fun to her. Oh my gosh I have laughed about this for days! She is so fun!

I have the best job in the world.
*miss lorie

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