Friday, June 3, 2011

2 days post-op

Well, the surgery officially went down on 6/1/11 @9:00 am. Everything went smoothly! The doctors and nurses were some of the nicest I have ever been around, they actually cared... kind of weird! :) Wednesday we (my sister and I) spent in the motel room. I was feeling pretty good! Nothing to really worry about... yesterday DIFFERENT story. Yesterday 6/2/11 (my birthday) we drove home from Denver 6 brutal hours in a truck! Not recommended but I am feeling much better today. Just sipping on apple juice and water....
Which reminds me Thursday morning I took to big of a drink and it was a really HORRIBLE sensation!
Then Thursday night I became very nauseated and my mouth was watering... I thought I was going to toss my cookies.. so I used one of the anti nausea pills the doctor gave me for under my tounge (yucky) but seemed to work.

I haven't been hungry... which is weird, but I'm almost afraid that when the time comes to eat that I won't dare...

My Lap-Band journey is coming along!
Recovering food addict!

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