Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm heading out the door to spend the next 6 hours listening to someone present on something (see how prepared I am?!)

I'd much rather just spend the day teaching my awesome kiddos but alas, even I don't always get my way! :)

I'm a person that will eat all day because she is  bored at one of these silly things. So I've packed a few things to battle actual "hunger" and going to drink lots of water to fight the "i'm seriously so bored" fake hunger.

I'm packing fresh fruit, greek yogurt and some granola.

I'm going to stay off the ledge and see if I can pull it together for a loss this week.



  1. LOVE that you have a game plan! I remember meetings/seminars like this and I always overate a bunch of junk. Good Girl!

  2. Go get em!!!! Awesome battle plan!!!