Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weigh-in and Cowboys/Cowgirls

First things first!
Starting weight: 277
Last Weeks weight: 174
This weeks weight: 172.6
Weekly loss: 1.4
Total loss: 104.4

Second, when the weather makes a drastic change my band just basically zips shut. So it is full liquids for me today. Only problem? I have a date tonight to attend a Christmas party... I feel like I should attach a hashtag and say something like #banded problems or #single and banded. BAHAHA

And now... pictures!

My beautiful sister Makayla and I!  
Squishy and his amazing bride, Amanda. 

One of my favorite cowboys- Clark and I, the before the actual event, event.

Cowboy and Cowgirls all purdied up for a a night out:) 


  1. Awww!! Love pictures and fab loss! Keep up the great work.

  2. love the pictures and that is a super cute short cut you're sporting...

  3. Pictures are great! Happy New Year!

  4. you look awesome in your dress!