Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Yesterday was a food day FAIL. Peanut M&M's for breakfast and it was downhill from there.
Today I will do better.

2. I have had a sinus infection from hell, which has impeded all of my "best laid plans" to exercise. Maybe I wouldn't have exercised anyway.

3. Anyone else have a hard time eating well when traveling? Eek... I swear I feel like it is a free for all. Believe me, the scale isn't saying "you are doing well, treat yourself." She is a flat chested whore any-who.

4. What happened to Ragnar girl that was going to run around the World, twice? Oh yeah, she came back to the frozen tundra that is her home from.

5. I have a $600 airline credit, where should I go? I'm thinking I should spend the first week of Summer vaca somewhere...

6. I'm thinking about the Holiday challenge that From Fabulous to Fit is hosting, but I ALWAYS blow challenges. Too much pressure? I don't know. This one might be different because it is just about losing weight. Not dictating what we CAN'T eat. That gets me in big-fat-trouble. I'll decided by tomorrow.

7. I need a new "exercise" something-something. Vanessa at Athena Banded Warrior is thinking about kickboxing. Sometimes I hate living in small-ville. The exercise class times are so limited.

8. I'm going to do an entire post about exercising at 5:30 in the morning.

9. "The Wedding" is quickly approaching and not only have I not LOST weight like I had hoped... I've gained a bit.

10. I hope we get 10' of snow here soon. If it is going to be colder than frosted blue monkey balls. I DEMAND snow. There, I have asked the Universe for what I want, and incase it wasn't clear here it is in bullet form.
  • I want to be 150 pounds. (Yesterday)
  • I want 10' of snow. (Before February.)
  • I want a 6'5" man to sweep me off my feet. (For Christmas.)
Good luck today you beautiful ladies!


  1. I think your wish list is dooable! and I work out at 5:30 am all the time! for me its the best time its done before my mind has time to object.

  2. I want some snow too!!!! Ok, I don;t really care about the snow, I just want snow days out from school :)

  3. Your wish list rocks~ If you ask it will be so...