Monday, December 10, 2012

Pleasure Cirlce and picture comparision

My friend Vanessa posted this question today, and it kinda got me thinking.

Please share with us what your pleasure circle is filled with, minus food. What are the things in your life that you use to fill yourself with love, happiness, joy, peace, comfort, motivation, inspiration, courage, hope, power, and satisfaction?

What is in my pleasure cirlce? 
Family, running (when my mind is in the right place,) my religion, friends, horses/cows....

My problem isn't that my pleasure cirlce isn't full, it is very full- over flowing maybe- the problem is, when something goes wrong in my pleasure cirlce, I still want to turn to food for comfort. THE COMFORT isn't there. Food can not fill voids, heal relationships, change out comes, make me tall or rich. Food doesn't fix anything- unless it is real hunger. 

This is what I struggle daily. 

So I ask you the same question: What is in your pleasure cirlce? And what do you do to when something goes amiss in your pleasure cirlce to keep from turning to food? 


  1. Love that dress! Great comparison photos - you are awesome - keep pushing!

  2. Love those comparison shots!! Fabulous!!
    Also - I have to agree with you - food is still comfort somehow to me and that's the mindset I need to work on for the New Year!

  3. Good question! I guess I need to think about that one...