Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I ran 8 miles last night.
2. My legs hurt really, really bad.
3. My head is finally clear. Running is good for the mind and body.
4. I spent the 4th of July with my family, ended with watching the local fireworks display! Good times!
5. We are in serious need of rain around here!
6. I'm not the best blogger in the summer... Why?
7. I also have a hard time staying away from the sugary drinks when it gets hot out. Why? (What the heck is even in Fruit Punch?)
8. I'm moving cows with one of my favorite men today! There are so few "real" cowboys and just great men left. At least that is the point of view I'm taking today.
9. Did I mention I ran 8 miles? I DID!
10. My weight is holding steady between 164-166.

Happy Thursday ladies!!


  1. Wow, 8 miles! I can barely run across the room to catch a falling toddler! You go girl!

  2. 8 miles! You are such a baller!!! I'm doing a little dance right now and high fiving the air in your honor! you may also call it a rain dance too. Still super dooper jealous of you being a real deal cow day I'll cross that off my bucket list..
    Running is so good for the mind - thats why I run.

  3. 8 miles is incredible! I can't wait for the day that I can say I did the same. So inspiring! x

  4. new follower :)

    I'm still laughing at the toilet terrible! I'm sure some day it will come back to haunt me that I chuckled as I read it....

  5. good job running! i think everyone sucks at blogging in the summer...