Monday, March 12, 2012

Frequently asked questions...

1. (I love hate this one) How will you stop losing weight when you get to your goal? 
Really people? Really? This one frustrates me because it makes me think that people assume the band is doing all the work.  I'm going to live like a person. Stop obsessing over EVERY SINGLE calorie and what nutrients it contains when it goes in my mouth. I might even be a rebel and not write down everything I eat, every day. I'm still going to make healthy food choices. I'm still going to run and Zumba! 

2. How much more do you want to lose? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sharing. You can know my weight now, my weight a week ago, my weight when I started. The thing I hate is when someone thinks they get to say "that is too much." Until you've seen me naked, you don't get to say. I have people on skinny watch, I'll trust them if they say i'm too skinny. I'm still in obese category for heck sake. I think my body will tell me when I get there. In my mind right now, I want to maintain between 135-145. I don't think this is unrealistic. 

3. How does the band work? Well here is the skinny (I'm funny, right?) It is a band around the top portion of my stomach, creating a small pouch, it is adjustable via a port located just under the skin in my abdomen area, then a PA or someone with an acronym for a job title can add or remove fluid to adjust the tightness of the band. It (in the best case scenario) will never be removed. I seriously hope to still have it when I'm 80, with not complications. (Hey, it is my fantasy, don't question.) 

4. How are you losing the weight? Well, I exercise 5 times a week (ok, ok at least 4), I count calories and protein and I have a little tool called the lap band, helps with portion control, and thats about it. Unless you eat a slider food (slider food is something even a banded person can eat copious amounts of. Examples: ice-cream, cold cereal, pretty much any kind of candy. these vary for every person, every band)

5.  Why can you eat different amounts/ types of food than my other banded friend/cousin/sister/neighbor? Well, because everyone's band is different. I can eat just about anything except doughy bread. I don't know if we each keep our bands at different fill levels and that makes a difference, or if each band is just fickle? I'm telling you, I don't have any proof, but when the weather changes my band basically zips shut! 

6. Would you do it again? A million times over... a billion times over. I'm living! I'm not the "fat girl" everywhere I go. Not because others made me feel that way, because I did it to myself.  Don't tell Dr. K- but I'd pay double too! For my health this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. 


  1. Those are good ones.

    How about this one that I get about once a week: "Are you going to get that lap band taken out now that you lost the weight?"


  2. People ALWAYS ask me if I'm going to have it removed. Why would I have paid $10.5k to have something put in that I'd remove later? I want mine until I'm 80, too!

  3. Love your list-and I love you! Super proud!

  4. Love this! I get #1 and #2 asked all the time!