Monday, March 19, 2012

Single and banded vs SO and banded...

Now, I can't list the pro's and con's of each of these, so I'm going to do the single portion. I would like it if all you banded ladies out there single and with a SO would also do a post, this is something that really intrigues me.

Pro's to being single and banded.
1. The person I would be the closest with doesn't have to ride this emotional roller coaster with me. "fat/skinny/fat/skinny/fat/skinny" my mind changes hourly.
I'm either a skinny, sexy beast, or a fat, lazy, unattractive beast. :) 

2. I'm not the same person I was a year ago. My priorities are different. I don't have to worry about how this affects my SO.
3. I can spend my extra money on gym shoes/workout clothes, new clothes... etc. Check out the adorable stuff at LBG blog HERE

1. Have you ever tried to explain to a first date why you can't eat this:
Even if it is his Mom's famous recipe and he spent all day cooking it... alright, I know what I do. I eat it, then I PB. Nothing says "lets cuddle on the couch" like "retching in the bathroom." (Now I share my lap-band with most people, but seriously, there is such things as too much information for the first few dates." 

2. I feel like single people are more likely to hang out with "random people" so there is always someone new around, wondering about your eating habits. 

3. How/ when to share the lap-band story? OR/AND prior fat girl status.

I'm sure there are more... but I want to hear what you ladies have to say!


  1. I can only testify to having a SO and the band. My hubby has been awesome during this. He was great during and right after the surgery with taking on all household chores and with the kids so I could rest. He has done more cooking for them so I'm not tempted to snitch a bite of mac and cheese. He has listened to me rant and rave and still hugged me and made me feel loved. He has asked "are you sure you can eat that?" when I probably made a BIG mistake. When I've gotten stuck he knows it immediately and asks if he can do anything! But then he just kicks into gear and takes over with the kids so I can go PB. He is reaping the benefits of me feeling better. I am a better wife for him. I worried about how this would change our marriage, but from what I can see so far. Its only going to make it better and stonger. Not to mention longer, because I won't be heading for an early grave! I do love the big guy!

    1. That is so sweet! Sounds like he is pretty amazing!

  2. Love this post! I'll do one for SO later much to say about it!

  3. I don't think people care as much about our eating habits as we think they do. I told my boyfriend after about a month of dating, and my eating (or lack thereof, sometimes) is no big deal. :)

    I can definitely testify to being single and having a SO. Maybe I'll do a post.

    1. I would love for you to do a post! I just wanna know what people think/ what their experiences are.

  4. Yeah there are definitely pros and cons. At first I was hoping that I would meet my husband when I was heavier so that he would love me no matter what weight I was. But now, I'm more confident and know what I want and don't want and I wouldn't settle. I haven't started dating yet since being banded so we'll see.