Friday, March 9, 2012

10 things Thursday

1. TOM is visiting me. Pretty much camped out with all of the food stuff that goes along with it. I've been doing good during the day, a little off "course" at night. Not terrible foods (except the peanut butter ice-cream) just more of them. I have been starving.

2. I've had tons of meetings this week- so I'm squeezing in exercise when I can get it.

3. I think I'll register for the Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon. (They DQ you after 3 hours because they have to close down the road for runners. That'll be embarassing for me.)

4. I baked a banana bread for a freinds birthday last week. There was an eggshell in it... how awesome of me? I've laughed quite a bit about this.

5. There are 2 mini Hereford Cows and a mini Hereford bull in my life; it is changed forever.

6. I'm so, so, so, close to 170's. I can taste it... or maybe what i'm tasting is the problem.

7. Work has finally evened out a bit; it is fantastic.

8. My dogs (the girls) have been neglected, i'm going to make sure they get extra attention tonight.

9. My dad watched the "girls" last night while I had meetings, and when I came home he'd been feeding them bacon. They never get human food... unless they are with Grandpa.

10. I'm excited to sleep in tomorrow, then spend the day with the cows and my Dad. Aren't I exciting?


  1. You are awesome!!! Love that you are going to do the half marathon! Love that you are spending the weekend with your cows!

  2. Eggshells are tasty, right? lol

    I loved the 170's... it was a good time for me. You can get there!

  3. I am pretty excited about sleeping in tomorrow too! With the time changing this weekend I feel like I need to make sure I make up for that hour of sleep I will lose :)