Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guess What

I'm 18 weeks pregnant.

I just turned 27 yesterday.

I have been banded for 3 years.

Hows that for some news?

Last year at this time I was a crossfitting Bad A and I weighed 174 ish.

Now? I weigh 207.

I am finally seeing myself. I am not huge. I am bigger. I need to be serious when this baby pops out about running and eating well. Get my weight back down.

Lesson learned, I will appreciate 174 when I see it again. I refuse to beat myself up the rest of all time because I want to weigh 150.

I am having my first ultrasound tomorrow and hope to see Baby Meeks boy/girl parts. Can't wait to know what the gender is! I have butterflys and probably won't sleep tonight.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over your weight! You are pregnant, enjoy this part of your life. You can worry about the rest later! Just eat healthy and take care of yourself and baby!

  2. Nice, I'm 20 Weeks pregnant and just turned 27 a few weeks ago. Seems we are just about in the same boat;) Can't wait to find out what you're having... I'm going to guess girl;)

  3. I want to weigh 150, too! But 174 isn't bad, either. You'll get back to both! :)

  4. Don't sweat the weight! You know how to get back down. Focus on growing a healthy baby! Can't wait to hear what the gender is!!