Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't look at old pictures....

So i'm officially 21 weeks pregnant.

I weigh 212. I've kinda just accepted it.

The one thing it has taught me, is to be much happier with myself when I am in the place again where I weigh 170. I felt good then. I like how my body felt when I moved.

I will be content when I am there. I will stop thinking I'll be happy when I weigh 150.

Bless a little baby for helping me to see the light.

Me when I weighed 175-177 and couldnt wait to get back to 167.  Now I think I look so skinny.

Seriously, this chick is adorable. 

I needed a serious reality check.

So, on to more baby news.

Wanna know the latest that has had me stressed out? Ok, ok, the truth. I have been stressed about it since Greg and I decided to have a baby. 

Telling our babies other Mom that we are expecting. 

I think I should write and entire post about Me and the Other Mom that is in my life. 

I will, the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly. 

A picture of me from a week or two ago. :) Who is this chunky girl in the mirror.  I really don't think I look pregnant, in my eyes I just look chunky. 

Sorry about the goofy face... I do what I can :) 


  1. At least you HAVE a baby to blame for your recent gain. I gave up on 150-something a loooooooooong time ago! LOL! Glad you are getting some perspective and feeling pretty good.

  2. You look preggers - not chunky!!! I wish I had that excuse... oh well I know when I get back to 160s I'll be thrilled! Going in to Dr on friday for an unfill...I miss vegetables...

  3. Healthy and happy come in all sizes. I am in the same exact spot where I keep thinking another ten lbs. will make me happy. You are pregnant and beautiful. ENJOY it =)

  4. You are right to focus on staying healthy for yourself and your baby right now rather than worrying about your weight. Plenty of time to get back to the adorable you in the old photos after the pregnancy is over. I think you do look pregnant (not chunky) and still adorable!

  5. I love your goofy face. And I love your baby bump! And I love that you are realizing that you can be content at 170! You will work hard after this baby comes and get back there.

  6. Here I was thinking I'd commented on this before. Love your goofy face - and don't sweat a gain. You're growing a mini-Meeks.