Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Well.... we know the answer. For sure know the answer :)

Baby Meeks will be joining our faminly the begning of November and we are so excited to announce that it is a...


So, I am so excited to officially start on the nursery. There are a few reasons why I have been waiting. None of them having to do with only doing "boy" or "girl" colors.

The colors were going to be kinda nuteral no matter what. I just needed to be able to invision who would be in there.

And... The room didn't have carpet until today.

So really, it was mostly the carpet.

So I have a crib that I bought second hand and I purchased my first jar of chalkpaint today. The walls of the room are a very light blue, almost robin egg. The crib will be.... wait for it....

Barcelona Orange. Wanna see a sample? I knew it.

Won't that color be just fantastic?! 

I also have a stand and a dresser that I am going to use a dark gray on, maybe some orange accent pieces. I'll take some pictures. 


  1. Cool - I'm still laughing about your message yesterday.... I was in between appointments driving and got a random penis text....hahah!

    1. lol right... um, I can honestly say it was the first time I wasn't weirded out by a random unsolicited penis picture!

  2. YAY! Boys are awesome!!!
    and I LOVE your color choices!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. color scheme sounds awesome! Congrats on having a boy!!! I have one of that flavor and love it! ;)

  4. YAY! A boy! How exciting!!! Loving the color ideas also. :)

  5. Oh and Melissa over at Goal Minded Girl is having a boy also! Do you follow her blog?