Thursday, October 4, 2012


1. I gotta sacrifice some sleep unless I want my belly to enlarge.

So true it is painful.
3. When I start to feel like my life is out of control. That I am not accomplishing anything. That nothing is working out, I realize that I'm focusing on all the things that I can't change. All of those things that are out of my control. Then, when I refocus, do what I can do: make pretty good food choices, WORK OUT (with intensity), then I find happiness. My heart is peaceful and I am content.

4. Sometimes people are so STUPID they can't find their ass with both hands. DRIVES ME CRAZY! 

5. I had Reeces for breakfast. No joke.

6. I've been letting other "drinks" float back into my life. I won't let this become a habit.

7. I really want to take all of my cash and buy new clothes. 

8. I won't do number 7 because I am seriously boring for my age. 

9. I will leave you with some pictures from my summer adventures. 

10. (Just for Brock) 


  1. I am going to print up #2 to remind me! Hugs

  2. Awesome Water Skiing! And Go buy some clothes ~ I assure that it will make you feel all kinds of sassy and awesome. I know it worked for me. Reeces for breakfast - I've been there.. don't make it a habit!

  3. Water skiing!! So jealous. I want to learn how to do that!!!