Friday, October 26, 2012

20 pounds heavy.

I've turned into that person that complains about having 20 pounds to lose. There was a time not very long ago that I would have been CRAZY giddy over ONLY having 20 pounds to lose. I would look at people and think it is just 20 pounds get going.

You can't talk the weight off.

You have to do something.

I will. I am. On it. Does anyone have a rope to tie up the sugar deamon? EEK!



  1. I am in the "I wish" zone right now. Sorry you are struggling. You know you can do it. :)

  2. That sugar monster is the devil!!! These last 20 are the hardest - hang in there. one day at a time.

  3. If I could talk the weight off I would be skin and bones...cause Lord only knows...I can talk :)

  4. We all go through those talk the weight off phases. You'll get there. It's the final stretch of your marathon. The wall is there, it's hard and you're hurting but you can and will get them off.

  5. That's gotta be hard being so close to your goal you could 'taste' it....hang in there, you were able to get everything else off, I'm sure you'll get these last 20 off too!