Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Weigh

Start weight: 277
Last week: 176
Todays weight: 173

Loss of 3 pounds. (This may come right back on when I start eating solids again.)

Total loss since May 18 (pre-opt) 104 pounds.

My band is super, super tight- as in liquids are slowly going down but that is about it. When the weather changes from warm to cold, my band tightens up. Then it gets irritated because I don't catch it as fast as I should, and then it gets even tighter. Then I get heartburn... not a good cycle. I started a 14 day treatment for heartburn, and downed about a gallon of Pepto (I shoulda added protein powder, but didn't). So the heartburn is gone, but the I can still feel the acid if that makes any sense?
Anyway, been on liquids since Saturday and the sugar fast kinda went out the window for now. I'll be
back on board as soon as I can get the band to open up a smidgen.

(This is kinda a downer post, but it is what it is.)

Happy Wednesday Ladies!


  1. I sure hope the warm weather gets here fast and stays! I am sorry your band is giving you fits. You truly keep me motivated by your determination!

  2. Girl....173!!! you are a rock star and inspire me daily!!

  3. Congrats on the loss even if it's not exactly how you wanted it.

  4. my band is being touchy now too!! whats the deal?!