Monday, April 23, 2012

My Dragon Warrior plan for June 1st...

So, remember when I went on a sugar fast? Then a few days after that my band tightened up like a bi-polar cow and refused to let me eat anything solid for a week? I couldn't eat "normally" until I went and got some fluid out of my band. The problem is, when I was off of solids, I broke the sugar fast and had some ice cream. (Judge if you want. Haters gonna hate.) Anyway, I proceeded to eat my way through the weekend, smart I know.
Well, I'm back on the wagon today, ready to kill the next 28 pounds. My plan of attack (which I will be reporting on daily, because I think I need some major accountability) is the following.

Sugar/junk food fast until June 1st- which is 40 days and just happens to be my 1 year bandaversiry, and the day before my 25 birthday.
Order some UNJURY protein powder.
100 ounces of water a day.
Protein first
pack a lunch, don't skip this meal.
EXERCISE! (I've been a slacker, even had a dream that I tried on my exercise pants and they exploded in 109 thousand pieces because I was so huge, paranoid much?)
I'm going to pay myself to get where I want to be by the "1 year date."  June 1st!

Here's the deal:
40 Day junk food fast- $40
35 days of exercise- $35
Weigh 162- 50$
1$ dollar for every pound lost total- hopefully$115
4$ for every pointed dropped on the BMI scale- hopefully $80
1-6 mile "I didn't stop one time" run- $40
1 dollar for every mile ran- hopefully a lot.

I've got a plan ladies, now I'm going to CRUSH IT!

Happy Monday


  1. What a plan! You are going to dominate! What are you going to buy with your oodles of earned cash?

  2. You GO girl! I say NEW CLOTHES with the cash! You can do it I know it!

  3. Great Plan! Can you pay me too?? :)

  4. Sounds like an awesome plan! I see a shopping trip in your future with all that money!! You can do it, we are all rooting you on! :)

    (p.s. I changed the name of my blog which in turn screwed everthing up. I'm now apparently you have to update your blogroll since my url changed. Sorry!)

  5. Sounds like a great plan! I'm sure you will do amazing!