Saturday, April 14, 2012


When the weather turns colder, my band zips shut. Seriously.

I haven't had success with anything solid in about 5 days. This is the time when I would typically eat some ice  cream and chocolate call it good until the weather evens out.

One little problem, i'm on a junk food fast. So, i've had a glass of water and some broth from soup.

Kinda feeling yucky.

Going to do liquids for a day or two and let things even out.

What affects your LB? Fickle creatures, aren't they?


  1. wait wait wait.....your band is effected by the weather? so now when it gets nasty and rainy I have to not only worry about frizzy hair but about a touch band? Awesome...

    1. My band is very fickle when it comes to weather. My Dad is banded and the weather doesn't bother his at all. (Same size/brand of band). So i guess it really just depends on the person.

  2. So far only sleep. Seriously, if I take a nap for 30 minutes, I am back to super restriction! It's crazy.

  3. Yeah I'm with Sarah. My band is only tight for about an hour or 2 after I first wake up (even from a nap). Other than that, it's not really effected by the weather or flying like some people.