Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lap-Band has a sense of humor.

So I've been hesitating to write this... because I'm just a little unsure that it could be possible. But, you know how we are all always debating about what makes our band tighter?
And you know how I've been complaining about mine being SERIOUSLY way too tight, and it just keeps getting tighter? Well, I think I figured it out.
Last Monday and Tuesday I did my regular regimen of running and power toning class. Then, the rest of the week, NOTHING! I didn't move any more then I had too. And my band continued to get tighter and tighter, to the point I was having a hard time getting water down.
So last night, on a bout 300 calories for the day, I decided to go for a serious run. Almost 3 miles. Almost instantly I could feel a difference in my band. When my band gets to tight, I can feel it. Not just when I eat but all of the time. So, after the run, I just felt super good. And today? I've had a much better time eating. Still good restriction but not the CRAZY tightness that was going on! :)
I'm telling you, my Lap-Band has a sense of humor, making it impossible to skip exercise? It must know how accountable I need to be!

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