Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Nike's

Dear Nike's,
I know in February of this year, when I picked you up at that department store, you thought to yourself "HELL YES" I'm going to the home of a chubby. I'll admit that for a month-or two I admired your shininess and beautiful shape from a far. Oh how I loved you, you were comfortable for the small amount time I wore you, mostly just when I wanted a "sporty look" without actually being sporty.
Then it all changed, didn't it? This lady did a complete 180 and though you were still being sported by a fatty, all of the sudden it was a fatty that was moving... actually moving! Now your shiny, beautifulness is not so great, I no longer wear you to look sporty, it just serves a purpose. Your soles are wearing thin, there is mud on you from when I have ran in the rain and you are helping to change my life.
So Nike Free XT, thanks for your support, thanks for helping me to get moving.

A smaller fatty than when we started.
PS I'm sorry about the mud:)

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