Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Weight is holding steady at 199 I’m both impressed and depressed by this.

I gained 10 pounds in the first 8 weeks (which is really only 6 weeks-crazy ass professionals.)

                                ** I found my stash of size 7/8 pants I had hid in the upstairs closet and almost died. When I can wear them again, I will be kinder to myself. More forgiving that my weight is 165 instead of 145.

Since then (almost 4 weeks later) I haven’t gained at all and my clothes seem to fit better? Who knows?

Anyway, I’m trying to be realistic about where I am and my main goal of having a healthy baby, but I sure as heck to don’t want to be back where I started almost 3 years ago either.

I caught myself out of breath at the top of the stairs the other day, I wasn’t very pleased with that and cried just a bit.

Tomorrow is the beginning of spring break in my school district, and even though it is only 4 days (including the weekend) it is sure as heck better than no break.

I will be horse riding and laying cowgirl and branding a few calves... this is the life.
I'll bring back some pictures. :) Hopefully!


  1. Yay for riding horses!!! Please lots of photos!!!

  2. Married? PREGNANT?!! Congratulations!!!! I have been missing from the blog world WAY to long! I have wondered many times how you have been doing. I'm coming back because I NEED it! I have been failing miserably and I will get back on track! SO happy for you Lorie!