Tuesday, April 29, 2014

However many things Tuesday

1. I have always used the same brand of razor as my Dad. First because I don't know why the blades designed for men seem to be so much nicer (in my opinion.) Seriously though, we are shaving way more acreage. The second reason is because my Mom buys the blade replacements in bulk at a chain store... So I have never had to buy a refill. Literally. I haven't lived at home in years and I still stop buy and shop at "Mom Mart." She keeps everything in stock. It is a tradition that I started in college and it was so genius I just never stopped.

2. I am considering a pretty big change in my life so I could use all the positive thoughts I could get so I make the right decision.

3. I love Greg. #1 reason- he is so kind to me.

4. Sometime being a step-mom feels like being a nanny. Or a really good babysitter. The babies are staying with us for their longest time yet (10 days.) I love having them here, but it is a huge adjustment in routine and unlike when they are with their mom, we don't have established day care. So it isn't always a good routine. And lets face it, I'm not their mom and they are little. Sometimes that is all they want.

5. I'm not eating the best food and I haven't been exercising... at all. So there is that.

6. I've been fighting a cold and sore throat for almost 2 weeks now and I am telling you, I miss my OTC meds... and a 5 hour energy shot.

7.  I am 13 weeks. What?! How did this happen? Not so sure. I've been buying a lot of stuff second hand that is like new and women just don't want. I love it. I can have all the extra stuff I want without wondering how I will find the money. So I have been having a hay day- washing- sanitizing and day dreaming.... and also being scared to death. Lets be honest.

A picture from our first couple days playing cowboy.

My sissy... in the pouring rain with her donkey refusing to walk because he was afraid of the puddles. It was so stinking funny.


  1. Ha I love number 1 because I completely agree with you. Unfortunately my parents' house is a bit too far to shop at Sloop Shoppe, and my dad is stingy with his razor heads. He shaves his head a few times a week so they're also always in stock. I think men's razors are better because their hair is more course than ours. But I prefer men's razors also. I think you've inspired me to switch.

    Seven is my lucky number, so I think that bodes well for your number 2. Sending all my positive thoughts and energy your way.

    Hugs <3

  2. Razor blades are expensive! :) Big change? My curiosity is running rampant. :)

  3. First of ~ Donkey = hilarious!!! Love your cowgirl pic! Big Change?? Do tell! Are you moving to the Hamptons to spend your summer with me dodging range rovers and titans of Wall Street?? would be so much fun!! Stress eating - ovbi...try and get some you time...if possible - it will help!