Monday, April 21, 2014

It is a lot of work being a cowgirl...

I have always and will always believe it is more work being a cowgirl than it is to be a cowboy...

Now I have never been a cowboy, but I am telling you a few things I know for fact.

Fact #1: Cowboys don't have to wear 2 sports bras while riding for 10 hours to keep their nipples from rubbing raw, or to keep their boobs from blacking an eye.
           Cowgirl? This is a reality. Though I try not to complain. Being kickass is just a lot of work.

Fact #2: They never have to figure out how to carry a tampon with them. Now, I have thought of everything. I have put them in a plastic bag in the saddle bags- all that jarring causes them to come out of their applicator (just a reality.) So I have resorted to carrying them gently placed between the two layers of sports bras. It is the best option, trust me. Don't even get me started on the options of "what to do with the damn thing after..." while in the middle of no where.

Fact #3: They don't have to ride a horse while pregnant. Now I am telling you, this is the hardest one yet. It has been YEARS since I got butterfly's while stepping on to a horse, because, I am just a pretty dang good rider and a few little scrapes and bruises never did any harm. Don't get me wrong, I don't like to hit the ground, but it just happens. Well when I am carrying a little bean in my belly... it adds a level of worry to everything I do. It all worked out in the end but I'm telling you, being a cowgirl is hard work.

Though, I have always wondered where men keep their junk to keep it from getting slapped against the seat of the saddle? I've been told that it does occasionally happen, and I think it is just the Universe's way of keeping things a little bit fair.

I gave my husband a saddle I won in 2004 for being a rodeo queen. Yes- it says "rodeo queen" on it and makes me smile.

This is the horse I rode Saturday. His name is Keno- and he isn't my favorite. The things we do for husbands.

This is my sissy and best friend. She was pregnant all last "cow" season and didn't bitch half as much as me.

This is my Baby J. I am crazy in love with him. He love all things farm and isn't afraid of ANY animal.


  1. Most courageous prego lady ever. At what point do you stop riding horses because you're pregnant? lol

  2. I love this post - I love that you were (ARE) a rodeo queen! And I love even more that you gave the saddle to Greg to use!!! HAAHAHA! I am seriously jealous and will for sure get my ass out there to work cows with you one of these days!!

  3. I wanna come out there and ride with you guys one day!