Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The next big thing...

Seems like I am always hoping something will motivate me to drop the last 25/30 pounds...

I've been hoping for it for over a year now.

Searching for it.

Trying to find it, read about it, write about it.

Hoping something would come out of the wood work and kick me in the ass.

It isn't happening.

You wanna know why?

This entire journey is about choices.

About willpower.

Your very own. My very own.

If I want to lose instead of maintain, I have to do it.

There is no secret.

I can't buy it.

I can buy help. Hello- self pay lap-band, dropping 100 pounds, crossfit, zumba, races, roadbike. Those are all things I paid for. But, I have to use them.

The JM 30 day shred I bought and is still in the wrapper?

Not helping.

Crossfit membership I haven't used in 2 months?

Not making me leaner.

I am a warrior and I will use my own willpower and maybe even kick myself in the butt.

Starting today, again.

It isn't about not failing, it is about not quitting.


  1. Get out there and DO IT!!! you got this!!! I know it!

  2. We are in it together! Its these last 30 pounds that have nothing to do with surgery....but everything to do with choice. I'm back on track these past two days and will keep pushing. I realized that if I want to lose I have to eat like I was just banded - but thats only until I am at goal - then I can go back to living in moderation. You got this Warrior!

  3. You and I are totally in the same boat hon. The only thing I have been doing is keeping up with the daily exercise. I have got to keep the ice cream and treats out of reach for another 30 lbs. : ) I hate that we're here, but I do love that we're here together. Along with Robyn and V too. /hugs

  4. Get that JM 30 DS out of the wrapper. She kicks your butt, and it is a quick workout. :)

  5. Yep yep. I restart practically every Monday. It happens. Often. Just keep going at it!