Thursday, July 11, 2013


1. I literally had a bag of M&M's (peanut, gotta look out for protien) in my hand yesterday morning when I got a text from my friend Vanessa. I put them down and went the rest of the day "sugar free."

2. I am a bad ass warrior and so are my banded blogging friends.

3. Went running this morning. It was hot as heck already (9 o'clock) but I went 2 miles and felt alright.

4. I like to run. It is painful but I do like it.

5.  I have decided that I really enjoy about 5 days of the spring and 5 days of the fall... other than that, the weather is pretty miserable here in God's country. I still love it. I just can't imagine more bipolar weather. -30 to triple digits.... Ugh

6. I am on day two of the no sugar. I feel tired and lathargic. I'll beat this.

7.  Sugar is my addiction. I literally have written on my palm today "just don't." It is something I told myself the entire first year after being banded. The entire phrase is "I just don't eat like that anymore." It seems to work and assists in reminding me that I am a different, healthier person.

8. I will continue to improve myself. It isn't a race. I haven't ran out of time. I am not a failure. *mostly I am reminding myself.

9. I'm at my PT gig tonight. I have always loved this job, but some of the other people aren't doing their part and so it has kinda been a drag lately. :(

10. Things with Texas are going well. I met his mom and kids this week and we had a grand old time  


  1. Wow. Well done on the no sugar. I bow down to you. I eat sugar every day. I need to take a page from you :)

  2. Way to go two days with no sugar!!! Today I'll start fresh and stay away from the afternoon snack...Yay for running!

  3. Sugar is my addiction too. I don't know if I could live without any....

  4. You're a tougher warrior than I! I eat sugar every day too. And M&Ms are my biggest weakness.

  5. sugar is evil and I too need to break the cycle

  6. I don't eat any "sugar" but I do eat carbs which is sugar. Oy Vey.