Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bucket list update

Porch painted.

This wouln't of happened (at least not this year) without Texas. He is a go getter. This is the porch he power washed.

Awesome-sauce! I love getting stuff done.

I also love that even though it is TOO FREAKING HOT outside, I am not miserable like I was when I weighed 277 pounds. That was misery. :) I hope that I never forget what it felt like to be trapped in a body that just couldn't do what I wanted it to.



  1. yay for painted porches - and yay for texas!

  2. I completely know how you feel about not being as miserable as when we were at our heaviest! This summer has been much more tolerable to me. It's hot, but I can still be outside!

    Texas sounds awesome! Your porch looks great!

  3. Whoop- way to get it done!