Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where you going to hide?

"if your own mind turns against you, where are you going to hide?" David Riddell

Quote from "looking for feet" blog
"The other day I realized I was still doing this all wrong. When I started to feel crappy again, I should have eaten more veggies, exercised more, drank more water. Instead I sat on my ass, ate chips, and ice cream and drank liters of Pepsi Max (lemonade for me.)"
"As delicious as the hiding place has been, I need to get out of it. Get out of my head."

This blogger said what I couldn't find the words to say in my last post. Or maybe I truly couldn't identify those emotions. I was to proud.... Or maybe naive to admit that i was sabotaging myself. That by living in my head I was telling myself that I couldn't succeed. That this time just like every other time I would fail. I would put the weight back on, plus some. Well I've outed myself.... The hiding place has been compromised. I will do better for myself. I'm not hiding anymore! BUSTED...

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