Saturday, August 13, 2011

I fell off the wagon....

First of all... A huge shout out to Ashley A. For being my personal cheerleader! I needed her tonight and she was there to lend a a helping hand. First of all... I've been in serious denial! After my last doctors visit I was on cloud 9! I couldn't be stopped. I went out and bought a bike and was really loving it, so proud of myself for the 40 pounds I had lost. Then something happened.... I don't know what, I cant pin point it and I ended up where I am now; in self mutilating mode (not in a slice my wrist sort of way, but in a I hate myself way.) TRUTH: I gave up on myself.... A really dark place where the 99 pounds I have left to loose is kicking me in the face. While I lay there, basically begging it to win, again!
The position I am in is proof that if you don't love yourself and believe in your own self worth, then no one else will either.
So, on this blog that I don't let anyone read, I'm making new goals, realizing that il make mistakes on my journey towards loosing my "obese" title.
1. No more lemonade! That shit is killing me.
2. Write down what I eat.
3. Measure... I feel like I've lost inches that I "think" I can see but don't have proof.
4. Weekly weigh ins.
5a. Cut out treats... If I'm hungry Eat a nutritional meal.
5. Loose 35 pounds by Christmas for a weight of 199 and a BMI of 35.2 (10 points down from start).

I'm not just getting back on the wagon... I'm driving this sucker!

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  1. Making reasonable goals will absolutely help you along the way!! Go Lorie!!