Friday, January 23, 2015

Today I am winning the fight.

How good it feels to be trying to get healthy.

I mean seriously, why do I forget?

I went home on Wedensday and got on the treadmill (I wish I had a picture of my running clothes. EEK, not good.)

I always have this thought that I have to start at the beginning. Like I am always going back to 277 pounds. It wasn't, I could run for a couple minutes and then walk. It felt so good.

I've been, what I consider, on point with my food and I'm using my lapband as a tool again. I'm not sure I would know what to do without it.

I've forgot what confidence comes with taking charge of my health. I'm so glad to be working on myself.

It isn't about being where I was, it is about feeling the way I felt. Does that make sense? I'm focusing more on the feelings and enjoying the moments instead of what the scale reads. I have faith that the scale will follow.

I was starting to turn down things, refuse to do things that I like because of how big I was becoming again. Today I am winning the fight.

My new piercing (still swollen.) I think it is so cute!

My new glasses and my post run face!

Christmas present and proof that I got moving!


  1. Didn't that piercing hurt? Oy!

    I always forget how awesome eating well and exercising feels, too, when I'm in the midst of a bad backslide. Then I get into now (like we are) and I'm all, "I'm NEVER gonna backslide again!" How do we forget so soon? lol

  2. I echo the "love the feeling" feeling. Keeping motivated to chase it seems to be my issue. Glad you are winning the fight! It is giving me some motivation today!