Thursday, January 15, 2015

Post about me

So where am I? I'm here... back to work and finding a balance between being a mom and being a teacher. It is working out.

Right before I had PJ I weighed 246 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 222.6.  So, I have a long ways to go.

Here is a picture of me in a sweater I hope fits soon...

It is tight and you can see where the weight gain has happened, but I don't look terrible.
I will also be updating my goal list. There is just something rewarding about crossing things off of a list for me!


  1. You definitely don't look terrible! One step/day/pound/meal at a time.

  2. I love a good list too! lets get er done!

  3. This jacket is going to be loose soon, lady!

  4. Where did you get that hoodie? I want one;)