Monday, August 25, 2014

When did you blog last?

My husband asked me last night "when did you blog last?"

It has been too freaking long and no good excuse.

My friend Rhonnie is being a badass and keeping the reins of her health and fitness tightly gripped. She wrote a blog post that I thought I specifically needed to read. She asked the question if my band had stopped working or if I had stopped working... read it HERE

I'm like a bunch of the ladies out there, struggling, thinking I failed, but you know what? I haven't.We haven't. It is just a bump in the road (a big one for me, but a bump however I look at it.)

One thing I want to be honest about, and I haven't said it to anyone else. I think I am struggling with pregnancy related depression. Now I don't think it is severe, but it is there and it is real.

Everything just seems like a bigger deal than it should. I obsess over the weirdest things and have the hardest time moving past the smallest set back... nothing like the normal me.

So I am 30 weeks pregnant today, I have a doctors appointment and I hope everything is good. Little Baby Meeks arrival is getting closer.

I've gained 38#'s and counting (though it has slowed down and I have been being more careful recently.) Sometimes all I can do physically is get through the day, even my beloved horse riding is becoming really uncomfortable and sometimes painful. So for me, right now, it is accountability for what goes in my mouth. Being honest about that. I will have to wait for my Dragon Warrior, Crossfit Status to be reinstated later.

Where are you in your fight with obesity and food addiction? I'm at the bottom, but I won't stay here for long. 40 weeks is really just a glitch in the system, not a permanent sign of where I will be.

I'll be blogging and commenting.


  1. the good news is that this is a tool that you can pick back up at any time. I am another one of us that likes to use the word 'fail', but we really do need to get it out of our vocabularies. who says we have failed because we haven't me a certain goal by X date. I'm not dead, I'll get there, just need to readjust our timelines ;)

    p.s. I love that you used the nickname I always use when talking to you, Little Baby Meeks :)

  2. Love that you are blogging again...#downbutnotout!!

  3. I had a bit of an epiphany this weekend myself and I am back as well. I really do need this to be successful, but I was hiding, or at least lying to myself. I'm sorry you are struggling, but I'm so glad that we have each other out here. :)

  4. Pregnancy depression is no joke....and I'm proud of you for recognizing it. Love you soon to be Mama.

  5. Love to hear this - and you know I'm here to talk anytime you need to!

    Love you!