Tuesday, August 26, 2014

baby steps

I went to the doctor yesterday for a baby check up.
Everything looks fine, except the weight gain. He brought it up, it brought me down.

I can't focus on the pounds right now. I'm focusing on being honest about what goes into my body and how I am feeling.

I will shed these pounds when the baby is here. I am sure of it. I can't live in this fat suit forever :)

Anyway, I let it get to me. So I ate. Chocolate. Cookies (which I purposely never keep in my house and someone brought me a plate... and Greg is gone for work.... so I ate them. The all of them.)  Ice cream. Chips. The list is pretty endless.

I'm up again today, fingers to the keyboard writing a blog. What can I say? Baby steps my friends.


  1. Don't let one idiot's comments get you down - some women gain 100+ lbs during their pregnancy! Just keep the binges to a minimum - you don't have enough room in your stomach with Baby Meeks hanging out down there below it. Plus, he needs good quality veggies and protein!

  2. Keep checking in, it will help. Yes, you will lose the baby weight. Baby steps are steps.

  3. Baby Steps add up to flights of stairs....yup..thats my new fancy sayin....might make it a bumper sticker - thrilled to see you back blogging!