Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Badge of honor

Everyone asks me about lose skin. Some people even obsess over it, asking me multiple times.

I've been known to just let them have a look.

Whats the alternative? Staying fat? If you have ever said to yourself "I'd rather be fat than have a little extra skin." Well, then I'd say you need evaluated by a professional.

Here is the dealio natives; there isn’t one person that my loose skin bothers more than me.

I get to see it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I shower with it, look at it in the mirror. Eek! You don’t want to know the details! … It is always there reminding me of all the damage that I did to my body. Now, considering that I have shed 110 pounds, it just isn’t that bad. Unless I bend a certain way, or purposely try and see how silly I can make it look (you are welcome for the visual.)

In fact I kind of consider it a badge of honor. All that skin used to be filled with fat.  It isn’t anymore.

I’m alive. I’m moving. I’m making more good food choices than bad.

I may never drop another pound. I plan on it, but if I don’t, it is ok.

I may never be completely comfortable with my body.

I’ll probably never have plastic surgery and if I do it won’t be for a long time. I plan on having babies at some point in my life and not just one or two.

I’ll never regret weight loss just because of a little droopy skin or the fact that I may never have a six pack, or be that girl that struts around in her bikini completely comfortable that her body is perfect.

I’m working on loving myself and plan on finding someone that will love my body just the way it is. Even if it isn’t perfect, because let us be honest even those who haven’t ever lost 100+ pounds, well they have things that aren’t perfect as well.

This is my journey, my body, my health.
The droopy skins is just one of the reminders. :)


  1. Here here! Hardest part about changing ourselves is accepting ourselves!

  2. Here here! Hardest part about changing ourselves is accepting ourselves!

  3. Great outlook!! I am hoping that mine will not bother me as I continue on this journey. :)

  4. THANK YOU! you said it perfectly, I've been thinking on this as I watch myself getting smaller and saggier. But I wouldnt have it any other way. :)

  5. Great post. Words I needed to hear.

  6. Great Post!! I'd rather have bat wings on my arms than flubber that was there before. You rock your bod! And kick some ass at the race!

  7. Well said girl!!! LOVE your outlook! Is it weird that I can't wait to complain about loose skin?!?! That would mean that I have lost a lot of weight!!! lol
    I tell ya plastic surgery sounds nice but sooo expensive. I want to save up and get a lift here and removal there... but that won't be for a while!! I'm going to try It Works! I actually just signed up to be a distributor last week. The more I see/read/hear about it the more excited I get. They have a wrap that tones and tightens your skin. I am giong to try it at my launch party on Saturday. I'm hoping that maybe using them on a regular basis as I lose weight will help keep my skin at least SOMEWHAT tight!!

  8. i just love you! you are such a great inspiration!

  9. Totally agree! So much better to smush some loose skin into a spanx and wear a size 10 than fat filled skin at size 20!! Congrats on your success I can't wait to be in your shoes...and in you tummy sag LOL.