Saturday, December 31, 2011

hello 2012

At this time last year I was eating my life away. Staying away from the scale, and avoiding most forms of exercise (including riding horses really.) 

I'm saying hello to 2012 as a different person. 
I'm happier, healthier and MOVING! 

My goals for 2012 are 
1. lose 49 pounds (hitting goal weight). 
2. keep the weight off.
3. run a half marathon. (yes a half marathon... I can do it!)

I'm also choosing 1 thing to give up for 2012 and that is COOKIES (no other sweet is strictly "off limits")! Wanna give something up with me? 

Ladies we are going to rock this new year! 


  1. Love your goals! I'm not going to be ready for a marathon this year but I will give up cookies too, and ice cream!

  2. Yay! You're right, we are going to rock this year!