Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thrusday

I grateful for a Father in Heaven that knows what I need more than I do!

Here is the story. This summer, there was a boy (for the purpose of this post I am going to call him Rich). I thought he was pretty rad! Well Rich and I went on a couple dates and we talked every day for a couple of weeks.... and man, I just thought he was the bee's knee's... everything I was looking for, except cowboy. (And turns out he is socially illiterate and a complete ass... but I get ahead of myself.)
Well, it just didn't work. I was really upset, but he just didn't seem interested.

Now Rich and I run in the same circle. So I occasionally run into him and we are on friendly terms.  Well the other night we ended up at the same gathering. At said gathering they were serving Nacho's. There is a group of about 15 of us sitting at a table, 7 of us (the ones I usually hangout with) get some nacho's and are having a grand ole' time. Well, Rich's side of the table (the kids that were the most popular in high school.) aren't having Nacho's. Just sitting around, talking AT each other about nothing except who's Lexus is the newest, or who's families property is biggest/most wonderful on the mountain. Well, in our group there is a young lady, who Rich and I both happen to have went to school with. She has significant disabilities; which have a VERY special place in my heart! Well Rich decided to talk at his cronies and tell them all about how much this girl EATS! Rich is going on and on about how one time he saw her eat 6 pieces of cake, or 2 hoagies, and how she is on her second plate of nacho's for the night.
Well he messed with the 2 most sensitive subjects in my life People with disabilities, and food.  Well his little cronies just laugh and laugh and I lost it! Told him what a joke I thought it was and how I expected better of him. Then he tries to cover it up with "I give her rides, I like her." Well to me, when you like someone you like them to their face and behind their backs...

So i'm taking a quote from Lap Band Gal

Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too, bitch
So I am grateful that there is a bigger power, and he watches out for me. 


  1. Good on you! People like that mustn't be allowed to get away with saying such cowardly, disgusting things. Well done you for being brave enough to stand up to him!